We are a leading CREATIVE PRODUCTION AGENCY based in HONG KONG, specializing in the Conceptualization,

Creation and Production of all of your business needs. Our creative specialists offer the best and most suitable integrated solutions,

leveraging brand power to maximize clients' marketing efforts and business strategies.

No project is too big or too small. Our clients have ranged from

SMEs to global brands, boutique agencies to international networks.

We are professionally experienced in catering to different needs and offer insightful alternatives 

with our skillful workmanship using multiple techniques.



We are here to remove boundaries and help your campaigns succeed with specialization in these areas:



We’ve seen it all. With years of experience specializing in production, we are competent in

sourcing diverse range of materials and providing multiple techniques to improve your brand experience.


With our own manufacturer, we are also committed to  providing top-notch and steady quality to our clients.


Just let us know and we’ll make it happen.



Our expertise includes:



Custom-made Props

Visual Merchandising Production

Product Development

Sourcing Service



We bring your ideas to life with great zeal and passion. A good production house executes and implements with quality,

but what differentiates us is our insistence on perfection.


Our experienced team is attentive to your needs and concerns,offering the finest solutions to maximize your marketing efforts.

Our own manufacturer

Best in class

Fine finishing

Consistent quality



A powerful idea is not just about creativity, but the value it creates in defining your business.

Strategic planning takes creativity to a whole new dimension.

We are a team of strategists who work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that align with your brand.

At Mes Workshop, we are hungry for innovation and never settle for anything but the best.

Reimaging the ordinary to extraordinary, our team instills your brand with a unique story to engage your audience.



We are solution drivers who fill the gap between ideation and execution. A great idea requires in-depth insights and alignment with overall strategy,
therefore it is important to nail down the branding right from the start.


Our one-stop service will give you the knowledge and inspiration to incubate, and grow your business in this competitive market.


Our services include but not limited to:


Market-leading, integrated, and
result-driven approach


By providing professional advice, we don’t just do what we are told, we analyze what you really need.


Adopting a results-driven approach,

we offer integrated solutions that best suits your situation.

Global insights and local implications


The mix of both Eastern and Western cultural talents at Mes Workshop offers a brand new perspective for you.


Our multi-cultural specialists offer effective and insightful alternatives to global networks and at the same time we are attentive to the local, specialized needs of the customer, which are highly adaptive to their particular situation and circumstances.

Technological know-how


Our craftsmanship in various specialty ensures consistent quality and the finest finishing.


From creating custom-made props to sourcing rare materials, we are here to exceed your expectations.

One-stop service to elevate
brand experience


Our team of designers, creative production specialists and marketing consultants works together with clients to provide one-stop services to align with your brand strategy.


We’ll take care of everything from strategic ideation to execution.

At mes Workshop, we incorporate strategy & creativity through multiple types of media to deliver brand experience and service excellence.

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