MES that’s what MESWS represents. We are Visual Merchandise Specialist and expertise in event and displays, fiberglass production and toy camera.

We do everything to comply with your needs. We are passionate about ideas.

We believe creativity is everywhere. We are the creator of magic moments! Let’s have a quick tour.


Window Display

One Stop Solution Provider of window display from design to production.

Our in house factory can transform brilliant creative ideas into reality.
Discover our portfolios to share the story you would like to know. Our artworks speak for us.


Customer made props

We have extensive experience in a wide range of materials.

We are able to provide most efficient solutions with the best quality at low cost to our clients.


PU & Fiberglass Production

PU & Fiberglass is a strong lightweight material. Its bulk strength and the weight is lighter than many other materials.

It can be molded into complex shapes of your choice. Our production can be huge as a whale or tiny as a snail.

No project is too big or too small. Our team dedicated to fulfilling your personalized needs from prototyping, knitting to large scale rollouts.



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